Last updated: 02/04/2019

We are a development team from Mad Devices, making the Echo of Combats game.


Mad Devices offices are located in Russia; you can contact us by e-mail or by visiting us at Gamsonovskiy Pereulok, 2

Moscow, 115191.


We have written this Privacy Policy to explain what personal data we collect and process, why we do it, and what rights you have concerning this.


We collect information, including your personal data, when you play Echo of Combats, and also through e-mail correspondence.


You have to enter your Steam account in order to play Echo of Combats, which gives us access to your Steam ID. While it is not confidential information, we still believe that we have to protect it.


What data do we collect and process?


  • Your Steam ID, which you use to play.

  • Technical information about your actions in-game, such as the number of matches played, decks built, your nickname, etc., for analytical purposes and to save your progress.

  • When you contact us by e-mail, we may access your e-mail address and contents of your message, which may potentially contain your personal data, such as your name.


What for do we need your personal data?


Echo of Combats is an online game, so in order to prevent potential fraud and cheating, almost all information is processed on our servers, which is why much technical data associated with your Steam ID are also stored there. Although this information cannot be used to violate your privacy, we still treat it as personal data providing the same level of security.


Besides, this information (e.g. your decks or the number of matches played) may be used for analytical purposes in order to improve and enhance the game.


Where do we collect and share your personal data?


By running the game from Steam (, you provide us with your Steam ID. For further information on Steam privacy policies, please refer to


Besides, the Echo of Combats page in Steam is linked to Google Analytics, from which we can get anonymous data, such as country, device, date and duration of access. These data are used for analytical purposes, such as evaluation of advertising efficiency. Please read the Google Analytics privacy policy at


Having received a substantiated request from authorities or law enforcement agencies, Mad Devices will be obliged to provide access to the information that has been collected.


In case Mad Devices undergoes or is subjected to a merger, takeover, sale or other similar procedures involving change of ownership, a corresponding announcement will be posted on our website, so that you have a chance to make a decision regarding your personal data.


How long do we keep your personal data?


Due to the nature of Echo of Combats, your personal data will be stored with us for as long as the game is supported or until you decide to remove it.


Please note that third-party services, such as Google Analytics and Steam have their own storage terms.


How are your personal data protected?


For the most part, the information we collect is not confidential, but nevertheless we pay much attention to security issues.


  • Only a handful of our employees have access to the database, and we are constantly monitoring the access.

  • The data are transferred using encryption.

  • Access to third-party services, where personal data are also stored, is also restricted.


What are your rights concerning your personal data?


  • You are entitled to ask what information we have collected.

  • You are entitled to demand your personal data to be deleted.

  • You are entitled to demand that we stop collect your personal data (you won’t be able to play Echo of Combats, however).

  • You are entitled to modify the data that are stored with us.


In order to exercise any or all of these rights, please contact us by e-mail


Parental Guidance


We are not using our game or services to intentionally collect personal data of children under 13. If you, as a parent or a legal guardian, have learnt that your child has nonelosed their personal data to Mad Devices without permission, do immediately contact us by e-mail , and we will remove any and all such information.


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Mad Devices Ltd.


Gamsonovskiy Pereulok, 2

Moscow, 115191